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Advanced Search

The Companies Ranking & the Quality Index (Q)

The Quality Index (Q) is used to create the Companies Ranking an to sort the searches results (see ). The Quality Index is the sum of points awarded to the Company for:

  1. Selling:
    • Quickly responding to the Received Inquires
    • Quickly accepting the Received Orders
    • When the buyer fill in the Satisfaction Survey
  2. Buying:
    • Sending Inquiries and placing Orders via the website
    • When the seller fill in the Satisfaction Survey
  3. Being chosen as favorite by other Companies for your references to be displayed in the highest position in their searches (highlighted)


  • Companies that send false orders (orders that are not payed) will lose Buying points from the last 30 days and he won't be able of getting Buying points until he pays a fine. And in case of recurring incidences, they will be removed from the platform.

  • Transactions between branches of the same company will not earn points for the Quality Index.