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Advanced Search

How to make an Offer

A company can:


1- Make Offers of References

In My Stock you can click on "Make an Offer now" button to make the selected reference appear first in the search results during next 30 days.

During the promotion of Offer section, each company can make 10 Offers per month (up to 30 if Premium) To add more Offers, you can buy credits. Each Offer costs one credit.

In addition, Offers are shown in their specific section "Offers".

If you include a price in the Offer, it will also sent to other distributors by Twitter .


Surplus Lots: If you want to sell bearings lots, please send them to, indicating quantities, references, brands, prices (recommended) and any additional interesting information.


2- Use My Stock on the top

In My Stock on the top you can choose the day and time during which any reference from your stock will appear first in searches results.

The cost depends on the day and time chosen and the number of lines of your inventory (varies with the number of queries received per hour). If you change your mind, the chosen hour can be canceled up to 12 hours before.


Learn more about the order of search results

Reinforcing Application

All the references in "Offer" o in "My Stock on the top" will take advantage of the Reinforcing Application.